Find A Dental Provider Approved By AmeriPlan Dental

Easy Access For You To Make An Appointment With The Dentist Of Your Choice
AmeriPlan now claims over 75,000 dentists nationwide.  View a list of dentists who accept the AmeriPlan dental plan in your area.  Simply complete the form below and you will see dentists in your area who are ready to assist you.  In the next window you will be able to choose a subcategory such as an Orthodontists, Periodontists, Endodontists, etc. in order to narrow your search.
Before doing your search for a dentist, take two minutes to view the video below.  This will save you time.  Then go to the link under the video to find an AmeriPlan dentist.

Upon completion of your search for a dentist, you will notice at the bottom of each dentist's name a sample fee schedule that reads either Red Fee Schedule, Teal Fee Schedule or Lime Fee Schedule.  Click on that link and you can view some of the dental procedures and prices for each.
After you find the dentist or specialist that you want to work with, click the "Join Here" link below to get started.  Once you complete the short online application, you will receive an email receipt with your ID# that you can print and take to the dentist immediately to verify that you are a new member.  In two weeks or less you will receive your start-up envelope with a plastic membership card for your wallet, along with access to your vision, prescription and chiropractic plans.