6 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Free Dental Plan

You can earn a "free dental plan" from residual income through the referral plan outlined here. Basically, for each AmeriPlan dental plan that is purchased through your referral, you will get 40% or $10 a month as long as the new customer remains active.  The chart below shows how each friend that you introduce to the dental plan will help to pay for your dental plan and eventually make it a free dental plan after you get three friends that join.

Free Dental Plan DetailsAs you can see from the website below, the potential for this referral opportunity is much greater than a free dental plan.  Some people make it their full-time income.  


For more details about each step toward a free dental plan, please see below...


1. See Choices - Dental Plus, Med Plus or Combo Plan

The first step is to decide which of the three plans you need or want to get paid for you through residual income from AmeriPlan.  Each of the three brochures are listed below.  Click on the one that interests you and a PDF of the brochure will open up in another window.

2. Join Here

The next step is to join on the link below.  The online application is short and should take only 5 minutes.

3. Brainstorm About Who Needs Dental Plus Or Med Plus

We all meet lots of people who have teeth and need a dental plan.  If they don't have teeth, they want teeth and we can help them with dental implants or dentures.  You can feel good about helping others find affordable dental care.

Think about the people you know and draw a list of those who need dental braces, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants for missing teeth, etc.  Think about the children who need braces.  You'll be doing their parents a BIG favor by sharing this solution that will likely save them over a thousand dollars on each child.

After you've established a list of people you know, write another list of places you visit and people you don't know so well.  It could be the church you attend, the school where you take your children, soccer practice, etc.

4. Share With Others

Now you can take your list of friends and contacts and plan on when you will see them next. Make it simple and respect their time.  Ask them one or both of the following questions...

  1. How do you like your dental plan?
  2. Do you know anyone that needs a great dental plan?

Most people don't have a dental plan so the first question may be all you need to open up the conversation.  Tell them what you found and how it is helping you.  You can also share with them how they can get the dental plan for free.  Share with them your company-provided website so they can get all the details.

When you're talking to a stranger, you can use a similar approach, but you might want to comment about the weather first and then ask question #2 above.  Direct them to your website and be sure to get their phone number so you can follow-up later.

5. Security For Your Free Dental Plan

It's a good idea to invite a few more friends to join in case one of your three decides to cancel. Cancellation is not likely, but it's better to be safe than sorry.  Plus, you probably won't mind having a few extra dollars added to your total monthly income.  Some people do this full-time and make it their primary income so help a few more people obtain a free dental plan and you'll be glad you did.

6. Results

Once you have successful results, it's a whole lot easier to share with even more people.  Now you have a free dental plan that is paid for by the residual income that you have earned.  What's likely is that your check will become even greater than the price of your dental plan so you're actually making money.  This will impress the people that you invite to join with you and help motivate them to make their own free dental plan too.

Have fun helping people because helping people is fun!